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Yes, peeps! This Comm is back and I hope with your help, we can make it great and active! Be yourselves, have fun and post to your heart's content! I seem to have an abundance of Comms now that I maintain or own so all the help I can get would be appreciated. I'll look over the rules section tomorrow but I doubt I'll change anything since the former owner and I think alike.

One rule I want to put into effect right now and if it changes I'll let you know:

All posts are to be locked for Members Only.

To potential new members:

Everyone feel free to join and participate in a Member-friendly Comm that lets you be yourself! And by all means, pimp the hell out of our Comm!

Our Comm has Moderated membership. One of the Maintainers or Moderators have to approve your membership for you to get in. We look at a few things to determine whether you will be accepted or not. It is nothing personal but we try to keep our Comms hassle free and fun for our members.

Thank you! And please pimp! The affiliates are staying the same since I'm affiliated with those Comms with my other Comms - so owners, if you took us down - please put us back up.

Pimp banner:

A Community video by jcxtreme !

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